UVBerean, The1802 1809Or Scripture Searcher. Boston
UTBible and Bible Country, TheSunderland, Jabez T.1909 1910 1932 1935Pupil's Textbook. To give information, kindle desire for information. Little Journey Among the Books of the Bible, Study or Bible Country and People, Horseback tour of Famous Places (Teacher's Edition 1932) 10-12 yrs.Beacon Series
UTBoston Observer, and Religious Intellingencer, TheBowles, Leonard C1835Devoted to Liberal Christianity, Sunday Schools, Literature, and Intellegience; a wkly; merged w/ The Christian Register
UVChild's Gospel GuideAdams, John G. ed1847Monthly. Boston
UVChild's Universalist Gazette and Monthly VisitorSmith, Daniel ed1834Boston
UVChristian Freeman and Family Visitor, TheSylvanus, Cobb, ed.1829 18621st Waltham, the Boston weekly. In 1862 united w/ The Trumphet and Universalist Magazine which came to be called The Trumphet and Christian Freeman.
UVChristian Intelligencer, The1837various eds. Beginning w/ Richard Carrique of Hartford, Ct. semi-monthly. Merged w/ The Universalist Union (1835-1847)
UVChristian LeaderEmerson, G.H (1st ed)1879Boston. Later The Universalist Leader. Contained regular articles and news about religious education. Publication continued until consolidation.
UVChristian Messenger, The1831 1850T.J. Sawyer & P. Price 1st eds. Weekly. New York
UTChristian Teacher's Manual, Designed for Families and Sunday Schools1828-1830Articles included: What are the requisites in a Sunday School Teacher? On the Properties of Seeds; What Should be Taught in Sunday School? Origin of Sunday Schools;Hospitality;How shall We Give Right Views on Death to Children? What is Religion? two poems and two hymns. (may be one of a series of manuals.)
UTChristian Teacher, TheBeard, J.R.1835Of Manchester?
UVChristian Teacher, TheManford, Eramus, ed.1841-1849monthly. Lafayette, Ind. Continued in 1849 as Western Olive Branch
UVChristian Teacher, TheUniversalist School UnionDevoted to the Sabbath School Cause.
UTDayspring1870Date: 1870?Unitarian SSS
UVEastern Rose BudColesworthy, S.H. ed.1841-1843semi-monthly. Portland, Me
UTEastern Rosebud, The1841A Hindoo Temple, information about the ancient Egyptians, story of Sultan and Dervish, facts from astronomy, geology, zoology. Some expressions of prejudices of that period. (1841-1843)
UTEpistles of St.Paul to the Philippians and to PhilemonDavis, Valentine David1889An Illustrated Magazine for Young Children. Issues monthly. London. 160 pp. HarvardSS Assc.
UTEvery Other Sunday1901Vol XVI, 180 pp, cloth coversUnitarian SSS
UTEvery Other Sunday1902A Paper for the Sunday School and the Home. Broad range of topics. 22 issues per volume (year, July-June). Unitarian Sunday-School. (1902-1907)Unitarian SSS
UVGospel Banner and Universalist Family MoniterDrew, Wm A (1st ed)1835 1886Augusta, ME. Weekly
UVGuiding Star, TheSoule, Caroline, M. ed1868 1880semi-monthly. New York, N.Y. moved to Cinicinnati in 1871
UVIndependent Messenger, The1831 1839Adin Ballou, 1st ed. Boston
UVLessons for the Infant Mind1854A Sabbatth Class School Book, by the author of The Infant's Pastime. 15 question and answer lessons made short and simple, mostly on the New Testament. Boston:A Tompkins, 38 Cornhill, 18 ppUnitarian SSS
UVMentor, and Youth's Instruction Campaign1830aka The New York Mentor
UTMorning Star1827
UVMyrtle, TheAdams, John G. 1 st ed1851 1924A Sunday School Paper. Weekly. Universalist Publishing House
UVReligious Inquirer1810New York: Organ of the Western Association
UVReligious InstructorTenney, T.J. ed1845Norway, Me
UVRose Bud, TheSoule, Caroline, M. ed1855A Love Gift for Young Hearts. Boston
UVSabbath School Annual, theAdams, Mrs. M.H. ed1846-18494 vols. Boston
UVSabbath School ContributerHarris, E.N. (1st ed)1828 18501st puplished in Lynn, then Boston. Various names:The Light of Zion and the Sabbath School Contributer; The Gospel Teacher and Sabbath School Contributer; and Gospel Teacher and Universalist Miscellany
UVStar in the East and New Hampshire UniversalistAdams, John G. ed1834 1837Concord, NH, weekly. In 1837 merged with Trumphet and Universalist Magazine (1828-1864)
UVSunday School Helper1869-1917Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Interest of Universalist Sunday School Teaching, Universalist Publishing
UVSunday School Helper, TheBriggs, Samuel A. (1st ed)1879 1941A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Interests of the Universalist Sunday School Teachings. Chicago. Later in New York, ed by George W. Perry; then in Boston by G.L.Demarest, then J.G. Adams, then G.L.Demerest again. Named changed to The Helper around the turn of the century and was published in Boston until 1941
UVSunday School Helper, The:Madge, Thomas
UTUnityJones, Jenkin Lloyd, ed1878Later called Little Unity. (1978 is the likely date of start.)Western Unitarian SSS
UVUniversalist Family VisitorWitherell, J.F. ed1841Devoted to the Inclusion and Defence of the Doctorine of Universal Salvation. Monthly. Contoocookville, N.H
UVUniversalist Register and Almanac1836 1886Containing Statistics of the Denomination.Whinston, G. & Sanderson, G.(1st eds). Utica, N.Y. and later Boston
UVUniversalist, The1832 1874Boston and Lowell, weekly. In 1834 named changed to The Universalist and Ladies' Repository
UVUniversalist, TheEmerson, G.H. 1 st ed1864 1878weekly. Boston
UVUnivesalist Union1894 1945newsparpe of the Young People;s Christian Union. Boston. Title changed to Onward
UVYoung Christian, TheDemarest, G.Ll (1st ed)1851 1860New York
Young DaysAn Illustrated Magazine for Young Children: issued monthly
Young DaysBowie, Copeland W.A Monthly Magazine for Teachers, Parents, and children
UTYoung Man's Aid to Knowledge, Virture, and HappinessWinslow, Hubbard1837
UVYouth's CabinetWitherell, J. F. ed1844monthly. Concord, N.H.
UVYouth's Friend, TheThomas, Abel C . ed1846 18602nd ed Henry Jewell, Then edited by a Lady. Cincinatti, Ohio
UVYouth's Monthly MagazineAdams, John, G. ed1850 1851Boston