UT125 Years of Unitarian Sunday SchoolsRichardson, Robert Dale1952Boston: Unitarian Sunday School SocietyUnitarian SSS
UTAbout the BibleHorton, Edward A.1901 1902Boston. 20 lessons on the origin, contents, and significance of the books of the Bible for Junior or Intermediate Grades. Covers about one-half of the school year w/ weekly two-page leaflet lessons using the best results of modern scholarship
UTActs of the Apostoles, TheFox, Thomas Bayley1846Arranged for Families and Sunday Schools: W/ Notes and Questions
Adresses and Illustrative StoriesMartineau, Gertude
Adresses and Illustrative StoriesRawlings, Julia
UTAims and Methods of Our Church Schools, TheEliot, Samuel Atkins1919American Unitarian Association 'useful instruction': acquaintance with the Bible, precept and example, right direction to religious thinking, awaken and nourish religious life. 1919 c.Beacon Bulletin no. 16
UTAlbum for Pictures on Primary Lessons1901Accompanied lessons by the author, in envelope. Cards 6 1/2 by 5 1/4. Price is 5 cents per set, per doz. Sets, 60 cents.Unitarian SSS
UTAllegories and Christian Lessons:For ChildrenFox, Thomas Bayley1845
UVAltar, TheBartholemew, John Glass1862A Service Book for Sunday Schools. Boston: Tompkins, 180pp. 1865 edition published by Universalist Publishing House.
UTAutomony and LoyaltyCowtan, Charolette1989Jenkin Lloyd Jones and the Western Unitarian Sunday School Society. A paper presented at the Central Midwest District's religious professionals' meeting in 1989Western Unitarian SSS
UTBaptized Child, TheAdams, Nehemiah1836
UTBeacon Lights of Christian HistoryWalkley, Albert1897for advanced studentsUnitarian SSS
UTBeacon Lights of Christian HistoryHorton, Edward A.1897for intermediates studentsUnitarian SSS
UTBed-Time Talk and PrayersHastings, M.Louise19??Issued by Committee on RE of the General Alliance of Unitarian and other Liberal Christian Women
UTBeginning and Growth of the Christian LifeHaven, Charlotte Maria1867aka The Sunday School Teacher
UTBeginning of ChristianityHorton, E.A. & Savage, M.J.1892 1902Not sure of date: 1892-1902?Unitarian SSS
UTBeginnings, According to Legend and According to the Truer StoryGould, Allen W.1893contains stories from world religions
UTBehold the Fowls of AirBlake, James Villa1885Library of Congress
UTBible as Literature, TheWilson, John M.1909ages 14-17Beacon Series
UVBible Class Assistant, TheThayer, Thomas Baldwin1840Or Scriptural Guide for Sunday Schools. Boston: T. Whittmore, 180 pp (several eds)
UVBible ExercisesMiner, Alonzo Ames1854Or The Sunday School Class One. Boston:J.M. Usher, 166pp
UTBible Lessons on Christian Life and Faith1871Prepared for the Sunday School of 1st Church of Boston
Bible Stories and ParablesMartineau, C.A.on accoustic science
Bible Stories and ParablesStanyon, W.
UTBible Stories for Little FolksLawford, Isabel1900stories for use in the Primary Dept. Boston. C1900Unitarian SSS
UTBook of Brief Questions About the Religion of GodRoy, U. Robin & Singh, Hajom Kisser1898Catechism of the Unitarian Union of the Khasi Hills of India (w/ periodic revisions), trans. by D.K.B. Mukhim and John Rex and published in Unitarian Universalism, Selected Essays 2000. Boston. Pp144-159catechism
UTBook of Brief Questions About the Religion of GodCooke, Francis1897London. 104 ppSSAsscHarvard
Book of Prayers, TheMadge, ThomasThese prayers were prepared many years ago, and they naturally contain phrases that are now felt to be unsuitable by some…
UTBoy's Ideal, ACooke, Frances E.The Life of Sir Thomas MooreSSAssc.
UVBrief History of the Universalist Church for Young PeopleFisher, L.B.1904prepared by the direction of the Young People's Christian Union
UVBrief Sketch of the Life of Christ, ABalch, W.S.1830 1832 1839Designed for the Use of Small Children in Sabbath Schools, and Private Families. 1839 Catechetically Arranged in the Order of a Harmony of the Gospels. Boston: Tompkins, 56ppCatechism
UTBusiness Men and the Boys of the ChurchBradford, George J.1929Boys 15-16 years old meet with their fathers to discuss applied Christianity.Beacon Bulletin no. 21
UVCalm Address to the Believers and Advocates of Endless Misery, APickering, David1821Designed for the Benefit of the Youth, Hudson, 16pp
UTCan Religion Be Taught in the Sunday School?Cabot, Ella Lyman1915What are we teaching in Sunday School -- religion, biography, history, ethics?Beacon Bulletin no.9
UTCatechism for Children and Young PeoplePriestley, Joseph1781London: Printed for J. Johnson in 2 parts. 43pp. Included in early editions of King's Chapel (Unitarian in 1786) revised Book of Common Prayer. Priestly's second catechism: A Scripture Catechism.Catechism
UTCatechism for the Use of ChildrenPeabody, William Bourn Oliver1823 1849The text was written in verse, intended to be sung and was the first of several editions.Catechism
UTCatechism of Liberal FaithDole, Charles F1895CatechismUnitarian SSS
UVCatechism of the Bible, ARayner, Menzies1818In Which All of the Most Important Events, Characters and Circumstances Recorded in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments Are Noticed and Illustrated By Way of Questions and Answer. New Haven: Flag & Gray, 211ppCatechismAH Library BT1031.R3, Lamont Microfiche W4532 and New Canaan, CT Microfiche 45475
UVCatechism on the Parables of the New TestamentAustin, John M.1842 1850Designed for the Use of the Bible Classes, and the Higher Classes in Sabbath Schools. Boston, A Tompkins,182ppCatechism
UTCatechism, APackard, Hezekiah1795Containing the First Principles of Our Religious and Social Duties: Adapted to the Capacities of Children. Boston: Printed and sold by Samuel Hall, 53 Cornhill, 84pp. Criticized by Universalists for failure to embrace a theology of universal salvation. (see 1797) Also instructs young people on how to be a good citizen of the newly-formed US.
UTCatechist, TheLindsey, Theophilus1781Or An Inquiry Into the Doctrine. Unitarian minister in London.Catechism
UVCatechumen's Guide, TheReese, W.I.1830 1832 1839Or Scripture Questions and Answers for the Use of the Children in Sabbath Schools, and in the Domestic CircleCatechism
UTChanging Ideals of Religious Education, TheSwisher, Walter Samuel1928Address at graduation exercises, Tuckernam School. Dynamic view of the universe, personality and behavior, and vocational education. Move from revealed truth to developing human character. c1928Beacon Series
UTChanning and the Unitarian Movement in AmericaGannett, W.C.1882The Little Unity seriesWestern Unitarian SSS
UTChapters on Job for Young ReadersSmith, G. Vance1887Bibical manual ed .by Prof. J. Estlin Carpenter. London:The Sunday School Association, Essex Hall, 156 ppSS Assc.Harvard
Chapters on Job for Young ReadersBartram, WalterSSAssc
Chapters on SoundMartineau, C.A.on accoustic science
Chapters on SoundCrosskey, W.H.
UTCharacter BuildingHorton, Edward A.1900Boston; 20 lessons for Intermediate Classes, 46 pp. Cloth covers. c1900Unitarian SSS
UTCharacter BulidingWalkley, Albert1900c. 1900. Boston. 46 pp w/ paper covers. Author follows same list of subjects as in Intermediate grade.Unitarian SSS
UTCharacter LessonsYoung, George Henry1886A Series of Morel LessonsUnitarian SSS
UTCharacter LessonsClarke, James FreemanUnitarian SSS
UVChild's Bible Book, TheWhittmore, Thomas1841Or The Bible Opened to Little Children, Boston, 18pp
UTChild's Book on the SoulGallaudet, Thomas Hopkins1832
UVChild's Catechism, TheSkinner, Otis A.1839Boston, 36ppcatechism
UVChild's Guide to HappinessWitherell, Joseph Freeman1844Designed for the use of small children in Sabbath Schools. Concord, NH, 16pp
UVChild's Guide, TheHudson, Charles1836Or Introduction to Primary Questions Designed for the Youngest Classes in Sabbath Schools
UVChild's Spiritural Catechism, TheKneeland, Abner1812For Use of Families and Schools, 36 ppCatechism
UVChild's Spiritural Catechism, TheBallou, Hosea1810Portsmouth, NH, 35ppCatechismThe Gazette Office
UVChild's Spiritural Catechism, TheBallou, Hosea1833Responses are Biblical verses. Children's prayers.5th edition. 2nd Universalist Society, BostonCatechismBoston SSS
UTChildhood of IsraelMann, Newton M.1883published in The Little Unity
UVChildhood of JesusBacon, Henry1847A Catechism fotr the Younger Classes in Sabbath Schools. Boston:Tompkins & Co. 36ppcatechism
UTChildhood of Jesus, TheCooke, Francis13+ years
UTChildhood of Jesus, TheGannett, Wm Channing1884In Jesus' Land ; In Jesus' Home; In Nazareth Town; In Jerusalem and After. 13+yrs.
UTChildhood's Morning1893Unitarian SSS
UTChildhoood of ReligionsClodd, Edward1891new edition, revised throughout, and partly rewritten. London: K. Paul Trench. Trubner. 294 ppHarvard
UTChildhoood of ReligionsDavis, Valentine David1889explained and illustrated. London. 160 pp. HarvardSSAssc.
UTChildren at Nature's SchoolTowensend, Mary B.19??Issued by Committee on RE of the General Alliance of Unitarian and other Liberal Christian Women
UTChildren of the FatherDadmun, Frances M.1916Manual for the Religious Instruction of Children on Primary Grade: Children of God, Prophecy, God's People, Jesus and the Father, Doers of the Word. Also Pupil's Notebook. Gr. 8Beacon Bulletin no 11
UVChildren's CatechismArnold, Alexander Streeter1871For Classes to Recite Together. Valley Falls, 28pp. (many eds. A 14thwas printed in 1887)catechism
UTChildren's Envelope of Handiwork With Pictures and MaterialsFranklin, Ethel; Pousland, Ann19259 handiwork projectsBeacon Bulletin no. 19
UTChivalrous ReligionDole, Charles F1880To Our Young Men and Women. American Unitarian Association. Not sure of date: 1880?
UTChosen Nation, AGannett, W.C.1880Or the Growth of the Hewbrew Religion. The Little Unity seriesWestern Unitarian SSS
UVChristian CatechismBallou, Hosea1841Designed for the Use of Sabbath Schools. Appears to be for older children. Three Hymns are in back, one called The Sabbath School.Boston: A. Tompkins, 38 Cornhill. 72ppCatechism
UVChristian Catechism1874Instruction in Doctrine and Duty. Intended to be learned by all, especially members of churches and Sabbath Schools. Rhode Island Universalist Convention. Universalisst Publishing HouseCatechism
UVChristian Catechism, for Instruction on Doctrine and Duty1865Intended to be Learned by All, Especially by All Members of Churches and Sabbath Schools. Publ. By the Rhode Island Universalist Convention. 8 pp (many editions)catechism
UVChristian HelperThomas, Abel C. ed1857 1858Or Gospel Sermons for Congregations and Families. Prepared by Direction of the General Convention of Universalists. Philadelphia:G. Collins. 3 V.
UTChristian Manual1830Unsure of date: 1830's
UVChristian Way, TheSmith, Brrenton1868for Advanced Scholars in Sunday Schools and Bible Classes. 126 pp
Christianity and the Roman EmpireAddis, W.E.
Christianity and the Roman EmpireDendy, John13+ years
UTChristmas Poems and Christmas FactGannett, Wm Channing1883Western Unitarian SSS
UTCitizen and the Neighbor, TheDole, Charles F.1884A Series of Lessons on Men's Rights and Duties as They Live Together in the State, and in Society. For older teens and adults in Sunday School.Unitarian SSS
Citizen and the Neighbor, TheYoung, George H.A Series of Morel LessonsUnitarian SSS
UTComparative Studies in ReligionSecrist, Henry T.1909An Introduction to UnitarianismBeacon Series
UVCompendium of Church History Containing A Succinct Account of the Most Important Events Connected Therewith, From the Birth of Our Savior to the Present PeriodBarray, A.C.1841For the Use of Sabbath Schools and Bible Classes. In introduction, the Essenes, the Herodians, and others are mentioned. Also briefly treats the time of Constantine, the rise of Mohametanism, the separation of the Greek and Latin Churches, the Waldenses, and the Albigenses. Boston:A. Tompkins, 38 Cornhill, 129pp (Barray -- Pastor of First Universalist Society, Homer, NY)
UVCompendium of Jewish HistorySmith, M.H.1836Exhibited in the Form of a Catechism, Designed for the Use of Sabbath SchoolsCatechism
UVConsiderations for the Use of Young Men and the Parents of Young MenPriestley, Joseph178421 pp
UVConversations on Religion, Between Parent and Child1830
UTCornerstones of CharacterWells, Kate Gannett1880The Little Unity series. Not sure of date: 1880?Western Unitarian SSS
UTCousins, TheMartin, Mrs. HerbertIllustratedSSAssc
UTCritical, Historical, and Religious Handbook to the Old TestamentVizard, P. W.SSAssc
UTCritical, Historical, and Religious Handbook to the Old TestamentOort, H.& Hooykaas, J.w/ assistance of A. Kuen, trans by P.H. WickdsteedSSAssc
UTDaisy Root, TheMiss CromptonSSAssc
UTDaisy Root, TheMartin, Mrs. HerbertSSAssc
UVDialogue Between a Parent and Child Concerning John V. 28, 29Whittemore, Thomas1827For the Instruction of Children and Youth
UTDisciples ServicesBeatley, Clara Bancroft1912Services w/readings, preludes, chants, hymn texts and tunes. American Unitarian Association.
UVDiscourse Addressed to the YoungBliss, Franklin Samuel1855Preached in the Universalist Meeting House, Dec. 24, 1854, in North Enfield, N.H. 8pp
UVDiscourse on the Subject of Education as it Relates to the Universalist DemonationWait, W.B1846Boston, 64pp
UTDo Your Really Believe in Religious Education?Coe, George A.1918Serious commitment to religious education: adequate funding, adequately trained staff, for all ages, stagnant spirituality. 1918 c.Beacon Course, Graded
UTDoctrinal Instruction in the Sunday SchoolWells, Kate Gannett1882published in Unity, vol X no. 8 extracts from paper read at Annual Mtg of Western SSS on Cleveland, may 1882
UTDwellers in Our GardenWood, Saranew edSSAssc
UTEarly Hebrew StoriesDole, Charles F1886part of a series called Lives and DeedsUnitarian SSS
UTEarly Old Testament NarrativesJaynes, Mrs. J.C.1892 1902Three grades: Primary: Mrs. J.C. Jaynes; Intermediate: Rev. .H. Lyon; Advanced: Rev. W. Hanson Pulsford. Not sure of date: 1892-1902?Unitarian SSS
UTEarly Religious Education Considered as the Divinely Appointed Way to the Regenerate LifeEliot, Smauel Atkins1855(Pastor of the Church of the Messiah, St. Louis) American Unitarian Assoc.
UTEarly Religious Lessons18521st in series of 8 graded manuals: Revs George W. Briggs, S.G. Bulfinch, Rufus Ellis, Edward Hale, F.D Huntington, John J. Morison, and Epharim Peabody. Under the heading New Sunday School Manuals
UVEasy and Familiar Catechism on the Gospel of St. MatthewSadler, L.L.1840Prepared and Arranged for the Use of Sabbath Schools and Bible Classes. Portland, 120ppcatechism
UVEasy Lessons Designed for the Use of Small Children in Sabbath SchoolsSkinner, Otis Ainsworth1837
UTEducation of Our Boys and Girls, TheEiliot, Charles W.1903Unitarian religious education: stressing commonly held values, stories of founders, poetry, Jesus' ethical doctrines, personal characteristics. Boston
UTElements of Religion and MortalityChanning, William Ellery; Thacher, Samuel Cooper1813A Catechism for Children, John Eliot's press, 16ppCatechism
UVElements of the Christian Religion in the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New TestamentsDean, Paul1815Catechism designed for the instruction of children in the First Universalist Church and Society of Boston, 28ppCatechism
UTEnglish Hero, An: Story of Richard CobdenCooke, Frances E.SSAssc
UTEpistle of St. Paul to the Galations, TheDrummond, James
UTEpistle of St. Paul to the Galations, TheCrosseky, H.W.A Comparisson Book of Nature w/the Book of Genesis
UVEpitome of Scripture Doctrine, AnWhittemore, Thomas1821Comprised in a Catechism for the Use of Children, Boston, 22ppCatechism
UTEthics for Young PeopleEverett, Charles Carroll1891
UTEthics of School Life:A Study of DutiesStafford, Juniata189112 sessions include school, teacher, study, play, school-mates, brightness, dullness, honor, prizes, self-education, and vacation
UTEvolution and ReligionSunderland, Jabez T.1925ages 18+Beacon Course
UTFamily Story Book, TheMrs. Moore1835Vol. II Compiled by the editors of the Popular Library. Other books in the series were The Week Day Book and The Sabbatth-Day Book for Boys and Girls
UVFamily Worship: Containing Reflections and Prayers for Domestic DevotionSkinner, Otis A.1843Boston: Tompkins and Mussey, 216pp. (a 5th ed was published by the Universalist Pub. House)
UTFirst Book of ReligionLane, Mrs. Charles190936 stories from various traditions, with questions, helps for teacher and introductory notes. Graded. Teachers' edition. (Pages to take home, 1921-1922) 6-9 yrs.Beacon Series. Unitarian SSSDistrict Concord, NH
UTFirst Book of Sunday Schools1867Unitarian SSS
UVFirst ImpressionsFletcher, L.J.1863-1864Designed Expressely for Universalist Sunday Schools. Advice to teachers is given towards the front. Some themes treated include:Right Thoughts of Father and Mother; Right Feelings Towards Father/Mother; Right Thoughts of God, Others, etc. Contains songs and prayers. New England Universalist Publishing HouseUniversalist Doctrine Series Book 2 (Second)
First Lessons in Religion in the form of a CatechismDawson, Mrs GeorgeCatechism
First Lessons in Religion in the form of a CatechismCrosskey, W.H.Catechism
UTFirst Lessons on the BibleHall, Edward Henry1882Unitarian SSS
UVFirst Step in Sunday School, TheUsher, J.M.1848Boston, 18 pp.
UVFirst Steps in the Open PathLeonard, Charles Hall1865Prepared for the Children and Youth of the First (Universalist) Church of Christ, Chelsea, MA. Boston: Universalist Publ. House. 40 pp
UTFirst Three Gospels,TheCarpenter, Joseph EstlinTheir Origin and RelationsBeacon Course
UTFirst Three Gospels,TheAddis, W.E.
UTFlock and the FoundationAdams, Sarah FlowerSSAssc
UTFoundation Truths in ReligionHorton, Edward A.1900c1900. Boston; 20 Lessons for Intermediate Classes, 46 pp. Paper pagesUnitarian SSS
UTFoundation Truths in ReligionWalkley, Albert1900c1900. Boston. 20 lessons for Advanced Classes, 46 pp w/ paper coversUnitarian SSS
UTFoundationsBeatley, Clara Bancroft19018 ppUnitarian SSS
UVFour Gospels Harmonized, TheBaker, Z.1841With Questions for Bible Class, Sunday School, and Family Instruction. The whole accompanied w/ map of Palestine, on steel, and a Key of Explanations, also abridged and simplified as to be used with the Common Editions of the New Testament. Boston:Tompkins, 2 volUnitarian SSS
UTFourth R, TheReccard, Augustus P.1929Making religion a vital factor in the nurture of children.
UTFriendly World, AFrnklin, Ethel & Pousland, Annie E1912 1926 1935for Kindergarten and early Primary w/ handwork supplements and a children's Hymnal. 36 lessons. Background information for age. Nature curriculum. Teacher's Guide.
UTFrom Desert to TempleWhitman, Eleanor Wood192333 sessions. Visualizing the Old Testament as a drama. Stories, with contextual information. Bible and supplemental sources. Teacher's Edition, Student Text. 12-14yrs.
UTFrom the Gospel to the CreedsSullivan, William L.1919Growth of Christianity: How Christianity Expanded, How Orthodoxy Developed, How the Church Grew. 18yrs.Beacon
UTGift of Life, TheWood, Saranew edBeacon
UTGift of Life, TheSolly, H.SSSAssc
UTGod in Bible StoriesWells, Kate Gannett1901As Voice of ConscienceSSAssc
UTGod in Great ExamplesWells, Kate Gannett1900stories include Channing, Martin Luther, John Milton, Wm. Bradford, John Eliot, the mtg of Stanley & Livingstone, Elizabeth Fry & the Newgate Prisoners, Florence Nightingale, Abe Lincoln, and Frances WillardUnitarian SSS
UTGod in Little DeedsWells, Kate Gannett1901Unitarian SSS
UTGod in NatureWells, Kate Gannett1900Unitarian SSS
UTGod's Wonder WorldCobb, Cora Stanwood1918Perception, curiosity and wonder applied to respect for nature. The World in Which We Live, Animals and Insects, The Earth Made Rady for Man, The Coming of Man. Beacon Press. 9yrs.Unitarian SSS
Gospel According to MarkSolly, H.S.A Study in the Earliest Records of the Life of JesusBeacon
Gospel According to MarkKnappert, Dr.
UVGospel Catechism for Sunday Schools. ASt. John Chambre, A.1869Key elements of belief: God, Jesus, 10 commandments, Lord's Supper, etc. 10ppCatechism
UVGospel Doctrines for Sabbath SchoolsFrench, Wm Riley1865108pp. Boston: Universalist Publishing House
UVGospel Lessons for Sabbath Schools.French, Wm Riley185832pp. Boston: Universalist Publishing HouseScriptural Series Book 4 (Fourth)
UVGospel Melodies New and Old1904For the Use in the Universalist Church (Including Young People's Christian Societies). Boston: Univ. Publ. House.Scriptural Series Book 3 (Third)
UTGospel of Jesus, TheBuck, Florence1917for intermediate and senior classes
UTGospel of Luke, The1901Primary ( Rev. Albert Walkley ); Intermediate (Rev. Edward A. Horton); Advanced (Rev. W. Hanson Pulsford)Beacon Course
UVGospel Precepts for Sabbath SchoolsFrench, Wm Riley1864 186536pp. Boston: Tompkins & Co.Unitarian SSS
UTGrading A Small Sunday SchoolBuck, Florence1915Groupings in small Sunday Schools, with appropriate materials. 1915 c.Scriptural Series Book 2 (Second)
UTGreat Passages from the BiblePulsford, W. Hanson1900c. 1900. Boston. 36 lessons for Advanced Classes, 150 pp w/ paper coversUnitarian SSS
UTGreat Passages from the BibleHorton, Edward A.1900c.1990. Boston. Paper covers, 36 lessons for the Intermediate ClassBeacon Bulletin no. 2
UTGreat Thoughts of IsrealHorton, Edward A.189620 lessons. Dept. of RE. Written for the Junior age level. Inside cover lists One Topic, Three-Grade Lessons.Two other books of same title were written by Rev. Albert Walkley for primary grades and Rev. W. Hanson Pulsford for Senior grades. Three other books were listed under the title Story of Isreal by same three authors for the respective age levels as part of the series. All of these books would have been written in the 1895-1901 period. AUAUnitarian SSS
UTGreat Thoughts of IsrealWalker, Albert; Horton, Edward; Pulsford, W. Hanson1901Primary ( Rev. Albert Walkley ); Intermediate (Rev. Edward A. Horton); Advanced (Rev. W. Hanson Pulsford)
UTGrowth of the Hebrew Religion, TheSpaulding, H.G.Western Unitarian SSS
UTGrowth of the Hebrew Religion, TheGannett, W.CUnitarian SSS
UTHand-book of TemperanceDole, Charles F1888Universalist Doctrine Series Book 4 (Fourth)
UTHebrew Beginnings: Old Testament Narratives part IISaunderson, Henry H.1909ages 10-13Beacon Series
UTHebrew Prophets and KingsSpaulding, Henry1887Beacon Series
UTHelper, The1886 1895A Handbook for Teachers and Parents. Vol. I, 1898;Vol. II, 1899; Vol III,1900; Vol IV, 1901 (10 annual volumes)Unitarian SSS
UTHelps for Teachers on Old Testament NarrativesWalkley, Albert1892 1902Boston. 78 pp w/ paper covers
UTHelps for Teachers on the Life of JesusPulsford, W. Hanson1900c. 1900. Boston. 78 pp w/ paper covers (follows topics in ths manual and refers to the Advanced grade)Unitarian SSS
UVHenry LovellArnold, Alexander Streeter1878A Temperance Story, For Old and Young. Valley Falls, R.I.: A.S.Arnold, 1996 ppUnitarian SSS
UTHeroes of IsrealBartram, WalterSSAssc
UTHeroic LivesVail, Albert R.; Vail, Emily McClellan1917Teacher's Edition. 21 male heroes and Alice Palmer and Dorothea Dix. Also Student Test. 11yrs.
UTHigher Life, TheWinkley, Samuel Hobart1883Beacon Bulletin no. 12
UTHints to Sunday School TeachersFox, Thomas Bayley1840Series of Familiar Lectures: appears in The Sunday School TeacherUnitarian SSS
UUHistorical and Religious Antecendents of the New Beacon Series in Religious Education,TheParke, David Boynton1965PhD thesis for Boston U., 1965. (copy at the Meadville/Lombard Library)
UVHistory of the ApostlesAdams, John Greenleaf1839A Catechism for the Use of Sunday Schools. Boston: NE Univers Publishing House, 52ppCatechism
UVHistory Of The Mother and Child, The1794A New Primer, Attempting An Easy, Entertaining, and Effectual Method of Teaching Young Children the Alphabet, Includes The Young Child's Catechism. Boston: S. Hall, 32 pp.catechism
UTHistory of the Religion of IsraelToy, Crawford Howell1882an Old Testament PrimerCatechismH. Hollis #ALI 1031: Lamont Microfiche W2571
History of the Religion of IsrealWells, Kate GannettUnitarian SSS
UTHistory of Unitarianism in New England1900Adult study class; leaflet VI issued by Study Class Commitee of the AllianceUnitarian SSS
Home DevotionsBartram, Richard (comp)Unitarian SSS
Home DevotionsFarrington, C (comp)formerly Hymns for Children
UTHome Travel Through the Bible LandsSunderland, Jabez T.1892 1902Not sure of date: 1892-1902?Western Unitarian SSS
UTHousehold Altar in Homes of the Liberal Faith Today, TheGannett, Wm Channing1917Unitarian SSS
UTHow to Organize a Sunday SchoolBancroft, Clara1900c. 1900. Boston. 8 pp leaflet prepared for the Hand-book for Churches produced by the AUA
UTHow We Use the Bible in Religious EducationBuck, Florence1925Use of the Bible and non-Biblical material carry out 3 aims of church school: Fruitful knowledge, right attitudes, skills in living. 1925 c.Unitarian SSS
UTHymns in Prose for ChildrenBarbauls, Mrs.Catechism
UTIda MayhewMartin, Mrs. HerbertSSAssc
UTIda MayhewJourdan, Beatrice A.SSAssc
UTIllustrated Primary LeafletsWells, Kate Gannett1892 190240 lessonsUnitarian SSS
UTIllustrated Primary LeafletsJaynes, Mrs. J.C.1892 1902SSAssc
UTIn The HomeGannett, Wm ChanningA Study of Duties. 13+yrs.Unitarian SSS
UVInfant SchoolFletcher, L.J.1863 1864Designed for the Smaller Scholars: Universalist Doctorinal Seiries-Book First. Simple wording, contains some prayers and songs. 68 pp. NE Universalist Publishing House
UVIs There A Hell?Sawyer, E.H.1879An Extemporaneous Discourse Before the Students of the Missouri State Normal School of Kirksville, Mo. Macon, Ga. 10 ppUniversalist Doctrine Series Book 1 (First)
UTJesus in Story and Picture for Kindrgarten1909ages 4-5
UTJesus of NazarethPark, Charles Edwards1909ages 10-13Beacon Series
UVKey to the Young at HeartFletcher, L.J.1863 1864Designed Expressely for the Universalist Sunday Schools. 108.pp. New England Universalist Publishing HouseBeacon Series
UTKindergarten LessonsMulliken, Miss1892 1902Not sure of date: 1892-1902?Universalist Doctrine Series Book 3 (Third)
UTLarge Truths in Little StoriesWells, Kate Gannett1898Unitarian SSS
UVLarger Message, TheStrong, Elizabeth M.2000Universalist Religious Education's Response to the Theological and Culltural Challenges, 1790-1930, D. Min, thesis for Meadville/Lombard Theological School of the University of ChicagoResourceUnitarian SSS
UTLater Heroes of IsraelSpaulding, Henry G.1888Aimed at older teens and adults; studies Jonah, Isaiah, Josiah, Jeremiah, and Job. Quotes and ?s and referencesResource
UTLatimer's Candle: The Story of a Great LifeCooke, Frances E.The Story of a Great LifeSSAssc Western Unitarian SSS
UTLessons for Primary ClassesMulliken, Amelia M.1901 1902Boston. 40 lessons obtained as subscription for year of lessons in monthly issues in pamphlet form. Topics include Bible, nature, life, and duty.Pix and albumns for students availableSSAssc
UTLessons for the Sunday KindegartenWeatherbee, Ruth Cole1912
UTLessons in EthicsWells, Kate Gannett1883Beacon Course, AUA
UTLessons in ReligionTemplar, B.SSAssc
UTLessons in ReligionMiss GillesBoston SSS
UTLessons in Religion for the Older Classes in Sunday SchoolAllen, Charles Adam189232 lessons: Bible centeredSSAssc
UTLessons on the Beginning of ChristianityJaynes, Mrs. J.C.1895Unitarian SSS
UTLessons on the Book of ActsFenn, W.W.1893Unitarian SSS
UTLessons on the Gospel of LukeSpaulding, Henry G & Fenn, William Wallace1889Unitarian SSS
UTLessons on the Growth of Moral and Spiritual IdeasWicksteed, P.H.13+ yearsWestern Unitarian SSS
UTLessons on the Growth of Moral and Spiritual IdeasWalters, F.13+ years
UTLessons on the Life of JesusJaynes, Mrs. J.C.1892
Lessons on the Life of PaulToy, Crawford H.An Old Testament HandbookUnitarian SSS
UTLessons on the Life of PaulHall, Edward Henry1885Unitarian SSS
UTLessons on the Old TestamentJaynes, Mrs. J.C.1894Unitarian SSS
UTLessons on the PsalmsFenn, W.W.1900c. 1900. Boston. 30 lessons for Advanced Classes, sold in leaflet formUnitarian SSS
Lessons on The Teaching of JesusSpaulding, Rev Henry G.1901Unitarian SSS
UVLetters on the Moral and Religious Duties of ParentsSkinner, Otis A.1843By A Clergyman. Boston: B.B. Mussey. 156ppUnitarian SSS
Life and Epistles of St. PaulConybeare, Wm John & J. S. Howson1861New edition. London: Longmans, Green. 2 volumes, plate and maps
Life in Palestine when Jesus LivedCarpenter, Joseph Estlin1894A Short Hand -book to the First Three Gospels. 4th ed., London. 189 pp.Harvard
Life in Palestine when Jesus LivedClodd, Edward1891new edition, revised throughout, and partly rewritten. London: K. Paul Trench. Trubner. 294 ppSSAsscHarvard
UTLife of Jesus for Young People, ABrown, Howard N1883very popular-1905 was 19th printing. Also used by British UnitsHarvard
UTLife of Jesus in Twenty LessonsHerford, BrookeSSAssc
UTLife of Jesus in Twenty LessonsSolly, H.SUnitarian SSS
UTLife Studies, Supplemented by Helpers and Pictures in Separate PublicationsSaunderson, Henry H.; Secrist, Henry T.;Horton, Edward A; et al1900c1900. 36 lessons: done in such formats as Bible reading, discussion of artwork, outline of famous person's life, hymns, and Q&ASSAssc
UTLife Studies: Teacher's Helper1990c1900 No Author given, but probably used w/ the book by that title by Saunderson, Secrist, etc. American Unitarian Assc.
UTLittle Chapters for Little FolksBarbauls, Mrs.SSAssc
UTLittle Chapters for Little FolksMawer, WalterAmerican Unitarian Assc
UTLittle Child at the Breakfast Table, TheGannett, Wm & Mary1915Days and Seasons, Little Prayers for Mornings, Bed-time, and Household ThanksgivingsSSAssc
UTLittle Child in Sunday SchoolGuild, Clara T; Poor, Lillian B.191040 leaflets with cover picture, lesson story. Emphasis is on God's love. 4-5yrs.Beacon Course
UTLittle Child in Sunday SchoolGuild, Clara T; Poor, Lillian B.1918Manual for Beginners' classes. Nature center is the focus. Music and words of 26 hymns/songs included. 41 stories. 4-5 yrs.Beacon Series
UVLittle Moralist, TheFrench, Wm Riley1864 1865Catechism for Sabbath Schools. 24pp. Boston: Tompkins & Co.Beacon Bulletin no. 14
UTLittle Things-Great ThingsFox, Thomas Bayley1842A Sermon to ChildrencatechismScriptural Series Book 1 (First)
UTLittle Thoughts Made LargerEstey, Lizzie C. & Clara Daly1894
UTLittle Willie's Birthday StoriesCooke, Frances E.Unitarian SSS
UTLives and DeedsWillison, Mrs. E.C.illustrated pix and storiesUnitarian SSS
UTLives and DeedsDole, Charles F.A Series of Lessons on Early Hebrew StoriesSSAssc
UVLives and Doctrines of the Apostles, TheFletcher, L.J.1863 1864170pp. New England Universalist Publishing HouseUnitarian SSSUSSS
UVLives of the Patriarchs, No IIBacon, Henry1848A Catechism for Sabbath Schools: Containing the Lives of Issac, Jacob, Esau. Boston, 64ppUniversalist Doctrine Series Book 5 (Fifth)
UTLiving TogetherDadmun, Frances E.1915Manual for Teachers of Children of Primary Grade. New Beacon Course of Graded LessonsCatechism
UTLove and LoyaltyJones, Jenkin Lloyd1907sermons preached at comfirmation classesBeacon Bulletin no.7. New Beacon
UTManual For The Confirmation Class, ALawrance, William Irvin1919What is Religion? Our Point of View, What We See From Our Point of View, Out Thought of God, Living with God, The Unitarians, My Own Church. Beacon D200
UTManual of Unitarian BeliefClarke, James Freeman1884lists of questions drafted by Kate Gannett Wells used by teens and adults. Primary focus on Unitarian Christianity but w/ references to world religions and evolutionary scienceBeacon Bulletin no. 17
UTManual of Unitarian BeliefillustratedUnitarian SSS
UTMany Teachers, But One LessonBennett, Margaret1867A Book for Sunday Schools and Families; by the author of Early Lessons about the SaviorSSAssc
UVMaster and Scholar Attending Catechizing, TheTownsend, Shippi1787Or Attempt to Intimate Timothy's Catechism. Boston: B. Edes and Son, 16pp
UTMaster JackIllustratedCatechismSSAsscH.Hollis #ALG8952 H.Lamont Microfiche W2571
UTMeans to be Used by Ministers for Giving the Young Adequate Views on the Nature and Importance of True Christianity, The1823Berry Street Conference Essay published in The Christian Disciple of May-June 1823SSAssc
UTMeans to be Used by Ministers In the Moral and Religious Educationof the YoungWillard, Samuel1829Willard was blind and spoke without notes; not published but is referred to in Charles Little's outline of the Berry Street Conference in 1930
UTMemory VersesLawrence, Caroline B1900list of Bible verses and sayings used by Sunday school teachers of the younger grades for memorization purposes. C1900
Method of Creation, TheCrosseky, H.W.A Comparison Book of Nature w/the Book of Genesis
Method of Creation, TheCarpenter, Joseph EstlinTheir Origin and Relations
UTMinistry of Jesus ChristFox, Thomas Bayley1837Complied and Arranged from the Four Gospels for Families and Sunday Schools, w/ Poetical Illus and Notes
UVMission of Little Children, The: A DiscourseChapin, Edwin Hubbell1845Boston: A Tompkins, 16pp
UTMoral Class Book, The, or, The Laws of MoralsSullivan, William1831Derived from the Created Universe, and from Revealed Religion:Intended for Schools
Moral LessonsTemplar, B.
UTMoral LessonsArmstrong, R. A.SSAssc
UTMore Wonderful Genesis, The: Or Creation UnceasingSimmons, H.M.1882The Little Unity seriesSSAssc
UTMorning Lessons on Portions of the GospelWestern Unitarian SSS
UTMother at Home, TheAbbott, John Stevens Cabot1855aka The Principles of Maternal Duty
UTMother Nature's ChildrenGould, Allen W.
UTMother's Cry, AJones, Jenkin LloydUnity Short Tracts. Essay on a mother's love
UTMovements and Men of Christian HistoryBillings, Charles T1909ages 14-17
UVMurray Graded Sunday School Lessons: International Course1901 1912A series of pupil's books and teacher's manuals for ages 9 to 20. Boston:Chicago: Univ. Publ. House. Murray PressBeacon Series
UTNature Lessons for Kindergarten1909ages 4-5
UVNew Altar, TheBartholomew, John Glass1906A Service Book for Sunday Schools, Complied Mainly from the Book of J.G Bartholomew: Newly Arranged and with Additions by Charles L. Hutchinson. Boston: Universalist Publishing. House, 201ppBeacon Series
UVNew Manual for Sabatth SchoolsBallou, Alden1836
UTNew Series of Questions on the Selected Scripture Lessons for Sabbath SchoolsFisk, Harvey1828by a Superintendent of a Sabbath-school in New Jersey. Vol. 1
UTNew Testament Parables for ChildrenWilson, Ella Calista (Handy)1886Princeton SS Union
UTNoble Life, ACallow, George, arrangedA Service of Sacred Song on the life of Theodore ParkerUnitarian SSSLibrary of Congress
UTNoble Workers: A Collection of Short BiographiesCooke, Francis13+ yearsUnitarian SSS
UVObservations on the Religious Education of ChildrenTownsend, Shippie1797In a Letter to Mr. Hezekiah Packard, etc. Boston: B Edes, 7pp (Response to A Catechism.)
UTOld Testament HeightsGannett, W.1900c 1900. Boston: for use in Intermediate or Advanced grades, contains chart on growth of Hebrew religion. 8 pp in pamphlet formH.Hollis #ALI1033Lamont Microfiche W 2571
UTOrganizing the Sunday School for More Effective InstructionLawrance, William Irvin1915c1915 Proposes the graded system of curricula. Emphasizes quality of books and materials. Encourages Director of Instruction to oversee volunteer teachers.USSS
UTOur Educational Ideals and AimsDodson, George Rowland1920Relationship among home, church and school; moral education becoming religious; spirit of reverence, intellectual element, evolution of the Bible and idea of God; relational concept of good life. c 1920New Beacon
Our FaithSolly, H.S.A Study in the Earliest Records of the Life of Jesus
Our FaithTarrant, W.G.Beacon
UVOur Gift: Presented by the Teachers of the School Street Universalist SchoolTomkins, Abel1851contains stories about children's lives (perhaps ages 6-10) related to themes of everyday life such as play, good judgement, older siblings, responsisbilty, rules, reading, pic-nics, animals, preperation for earth, heaven, the Sabbath school boys, Christ and duty, and about Father Ballou. Boston: No. 38 Cornhill, 144pp
UTOur Part in the WorldCabot, Ella Lyman1918 1933God's plan for the earth and our responsibility for welfare of humankind. Includes extended sessions on America and What It Stands For and Qualities That Attract Success. Teacher's manual. 15yrs.
Our Unitarian FaithGregg, Florence13+ years
Our Unitarian FaithMarriot, J.T.13+ years: Six LecturesBeacon
UTOut of the StreetsMartin, Mrs. HerbertSSAssc
UTOutline Lessons form the Life of ChirstHerford, BrookeSSAssc
UTOutline Lessons form the Life of ChirstOort, H.& Hooykaas, J.w/ assistance of A. Kuen, trans by P.H. WickdsteedSSAssc
UTOutline Lessons in ReiligionWood, SaraSSAssc
UTOutline Lessons in ReligionArmstrong, R. A.SSAssc
UTOutline Lessons on MoralsRawlings, HSSAssc
UTOutline Lessons on MoralsMartineau, GertudeSSAssc
Outline of Christian HistoryAllen Joseph Henry1884
UTOutline Studies in LongfellowGannett, W.CWestern Unitarian SSS
UTOutline Studies in Unitarianism No. 4Dadmun, Frances M1924Contains refences and brief outlines on lives of Cahnning, Parker, Emerson, Clarke, T. S. King, Hale, Bryant, Longfellow, Holmes, and Howell. Centerary Commission.Western Unitarian SSS
UTOutlines and Charts for Conversations and Study in Sunday-Schools w/ Aid of a BlackboardWells, Kate Gannett1888Each lesson has elaborate chart on the facing page w/ words and some designs showing how a full blackboard could be prepared ahead of class by the teacher w/ sayings and variuoskinds of print to use in teaching. American Unitarian Assc
UTOutlines for the Study of Holmes, Bryant, and WhittierWestern Unitarian SSS
UTOutlines for the Study of James Russell LowellGannett, W.CWestern Unitarian SSS
UTPamphlet Mission, TheJones, Jenkin Lloyd1878bi-weekly journal that published Sunday School lessonsWestern Unitarian SSS
UTParablesHall, Edward HUnitarian SSS
UTParablesWillison, Mrs. E.C.illustrated pix and storiesWestern Unitarian SSS
UTPeter and Paul and Their FriendsNicolay, Helen1922Apostolic age, achievements of Jesus' followers. 14yrs.Unitarian SSS
UTPhil's MistakeMartin, Mrs. HerbertSSAssc
UTPhil's MistakeJourdan, Beatrice A.Beacon
UTPolitical Catechism, APackard, Hezekiah1811Designed to Lead Children into the Knowledge of Society, and to train them to the Duties of Citizens. Burlington, VtSSAssc
UVPractical and Experimental ReligionBacon, Henry1842Or The Teachings and Tendencies of Universalism: Providence: Z. Baker, 216 ppCatechism
UVPractical Essay, ATownsend, Shippi1783Designed for General Use. In Three Parts: Part I addressed to husbands and wives on church, marriage, duties, and education: Part II addressed to parents on education: and Part III on the case of children, with an exhortation to them. Boston: Adams and Nourse. 60pp.
Practical Hints for TeachersTarrant, W.G.
Practical Hints for TeachersRawlings, HH.Hollis # ALI 1797
Prayers for the Use of FamiliesMadge, ThomasThese prayers were prepared many years ago, and they naturally contain phrases that are now felt to be unsuitable by some…
Prayers for the Use of FamiliesBartram, Richard (comp)
UVPrimary Questions on Select Portions of ScriptureHudson, Charles1832Designed for Sabbath Schools
UTProgressive Lessons for Sunday Schools1847 1871Printed for the Use of the Schools of the Unitarian Societies. 1871, 7th ed.
UTPromotion of Loyalty, TheLawrence, William I.1917Local and Denominational. Honor rites and ceremonies, knowledge of history, understanding elements of our faith, awareness of character of Jesus and justice of God through Bible study.
UTProphecies of the Capativity, TheHerford, R.T.Beacon Bulletin no. 13
UTProphecies of the Capativity, TheDrummond, James
UTPublications in Religious Education for Church School and Home1927Complete listing by grade, description, and additional resource material. Beacon Press. Graded
UTQuestions Adapted to the Text of the New TestamentCartee, C Soule1845Designed for Children in Sunday School: With Hints for Explanation and Remark. Intended as part of series of 4/5 books; intro gives advice on teaching methods and refers to 17th Annual Report of the Sunday School Society.
UTQuestions Concerning the Son of ManWinkley, Samuel Hobart1885
UTQuestions for Bible StudyDole, Charles F1892 1902series I-IV (various dates)Unitarian SSSLibrary of Congress
UVQuestions on Our Sacred HistoryFord, J.W.1859Comprising the Decalogue With References:For Use of Bible Classes and Sabbath Schools. Boston, 121ppUnitarian SSS
UVQuestions on Select Portions of ScriptureHudson, Charles1832Designed for Higher Classes in Sabbath Schools
UTQuestions on Select Portions of the Four EvangelistsAllen, Joseph1830Based in part on a manual entitled Union Questions by Harvey Fisk. Inclided are a map of Palestine, and the Charts of tomes and seasons in the Bible. A 13th edition was published in 1850 by Benjamin Greene of Boston.
UVQuestions on Select Portions of the GospelsPaige, Lucius Robinson1838 1863Designed for the Use of Sabbath Schools and Bible Classes. Review of the Ten Commandments and a prayer are at the back. An 1863 ed: book is recommended by The Standing Committee of the Univer Sabbath School Assoc. Writings by Sylvanus Cobb, Otis A. Skinner, and Henry Bacon. Boston, 162pp
UTQuestions on Select Portions of the Old TestamentAllen, Joseph1838Part 1, Genesis
UVQuestions on Selected Portions of ScriptureHudson, Charles1840Designed for the Higher Classes in Sabbath Schools…W/ Alterations and Additions by Otis A. Skinner. Boston:B.B.Mussey and A. Tompkins, 178pp contains map and is new addition
UTQuestions on St.Paul's Epistles1855The Eps' to the Thessalonians, the Galatians, and the Corinthians; by the author of Questions on the Gospels (? 1868)Boston SSS
UTQuestions on the Acts of the ApostlesAllen, Joseph1834Designed for the Higher Classes in Sunday Schools. Accompanies the Questions on the Evangelist by Allen after part 1.
UTQuestions on the Gospel1852 1869Reprinted 1869
UTQuestions on the Gospel of JohnWinkley, Samuel Hobart1870Boston SSS
UTQuestions on the Life of JesusDole, Charles F.1900c 1900. Boston: 7 pp.w/ paper covers.cBoston SSS
UTQuestions on the Ministry of Jesus ChristFox, Thomas Bayley1840for Sunday SchoolsBoston SSS
UTQuestions on the Old Testament in Their Right OrderChadwick1892 1902Unitarian SSS
UVRacovian CatechismRees, Thomas1818Notes and Illustrations, Translated from Latin; to which is Prefixed A Sketch of Unitarianism in Poland and the Adjacent Countries. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orne and Brown, 404ppUnitarian SSS
Reading Book in Short Words, AMiss CromptonCatechism
UTReadings of Freedom and HumanitySaunderson, Hallam1918Dedicated to the Youth of America
UTReady Reference Book to the Four GospelsWinsor, Ann Bent1887Beacon Course
UTRecent Developments in Religious Education Among the UnitariansHopkins, Dorothy Dean1929Dissertation, University of Chicago, Dept. of Practical Theology. Situation in 1900, Elements of the Forward Movement, Development of the Curriculum, The Growth of Teacher Training, Great Awakening Following the World Was, Outlook for the Future.Unitarian SSSLibrary of Congress
UTRecollections of John PoundsHawkes, Henry1884London, etc.: Williams and Norgate, 351 pp. The work treats of animal pounds.Beacon Bulletin no. 23Harvard
UTRecollections of John PoundsCooke, Frances E.SSAssc
UVReformed Christian Guide, TheThompson, John Samuel1831Designed to Promote a Chaste EducationSSAssc
Religion in IrelandMarriot, J.T.13+ years:Six Lectures
Religion in IrelandPike, Clement13+ years
UTReligion of Childhood and the Religion of YouthStebbins, Roderick1915Descriptions of the religion of childhood and youth via relationships. (no date, guessed at 1915)
UTReligion of Israel, A Manual, TheKnappert, Jan1862Translated from the Dutch by Richard A. Armstrong, London (etc): Williams and Nrogate, 231 ppBeacon Bulletin no. 10Harvard
Religion of Israel, TheHerford, R.T.
UTReligions Before ChristianityEverett, Charles Carroll1883 1892A Manual for Sunday Schools. Contains stories from world religions; was probably also used by the Western USSS congregationsUnitarian SSSLibrary of Congress
UTReligions Before ChristianityDole, Charles F.A Series of Lessons on Men's Rights and Duties as They Live Together in the State, and in SocietyUnitarian SSS
UTReligious Education for DemocracyBuck, Florence1919Address before Unitarian Sunday School Society. Preparing for citizenship, industrial democracy, world democracy. References to Beacon Curriculum.Unitarian SSS
UTReligious Education in the New World-ViewStarbuck, Edwin D.1912Basic concepts in the changing time: 1 Growth conception, including of religious instruction; 2 Worth of childhood; 3 Recognition of the worth of the individual. Greenville OhioBeacon
UTReligious Education of the American ChildPeabody, Francis G.1915Reality, personality and democracy are important elements of religious education of Unitarian children, making it a natural and not dogmatic process. 1915 c. American Unitarian Assn.
UTRemarkable WomenSwaine, Annean Example for GirlsBeacon Bulletin no. 5
UTRemarkable WomenCooke, Frances E.Sketches of the lives of Zwingli, Milton, and BunyanSSAssc
UTRights and DutiesEverett, C.C.Unitarian SSS
UTRights and DutiesWells, Kate Gannett1882Unitarian SSS
UTRosy's Three HomesMartin, Mrs. HerbertUnitarian SSS
UVSabbath School Assisant, TheFrench, Wm Riley1852 1859Designed for Bible Classes and the Higher Classes in Sabbath Schools. Portland, ME:S.H. Colesworthy. 180pp. Revised and published in 1859 by Universalist Pub House of Boston. 162 pp.SSAssc
UVSabbath School Liturgy, TheAustin, John M.1859Being A Compend of the Doctrines Held by the Universalist DenominationScriptural Series Book 5 (Fifth)
UTSacred MemoriesMarsh, Capon, and Lyon1835aka Family Instruction, Being a History of Scripture Characters; from Adam to Joseph
UTSacred SmilesVizard, P. W.1834Notes on Bible Lessons for Teachers
UTSacred SmilesJohnsin, HarrietNotes on Bible Lessons for TeachersSSAssc
UTScenes and Characters Illustrating Christian TruthTuckerman, Joseph1834SSAssc
UTScenes from the Life of Jesus1852 187231 stories of the life of Jesus written in the style of an historical novel. 13th edition was printed in 1872
UTScenes in the Life of JesusPulsford, W.H.1900Teachers and advanced classes
UTSchool LifeAmes, L.B.1881The Little Unity seriesUnitarian SSS
UTScriptural Interpreter, TheGannett, Ezra1831To help the Sunday School Teacher or the head of a family gain a better background in Bible studies than the Christian's Manual, which was discontinued. The book's focus is the New Testament.Western Unitarian SSS
UVScripture Catechism for Sabbath SchoolsKing, Thomas Starr1821 1856May have been used by Unitarian congregations. King served both denominations.Catechism
UVScripture Doctrine, The1830 1831Compiled in a Series of Questions w/ Answers Extracted from the sacred Text, With Notes, Designed for the Instruction of Children and Youth in the Principal Subjects of Divine ReligionCatechism
UTScripture Texts and Lessons to Accompany A Practical Question for Sunday-SchoolsWinkley, Samuel Hobartcompiled by W.H.Lyon
UVScripture Truths and PreceptsTownsend, Shippie1791A Short Catechism. Boston: Samuel Hall, 23 pp. Appendix, baptism and communion.
Selected Reading for Sunday Schools and FamilesWooding, W.CatechismH.Hollis #ALF5455Lamont Microfiche W2571
Selected Reading for Sunday Schools and FamilesOn the life of Theodore ParkerSSAssc
UTSerious Address to Masters Of Families with Forms of Family-Prayer, APriestley, Joseph178465 ppSSAssc
UVSerious Address To The Youth of Both Sexes in Philadelphia, AWinchester, Elhanan1785Upon the Worth of the Soul. Philadelphia: B. Towne. 7pp
UVSerious and Candid Examination of the Present Government of Sunday Shcools, ABartlett, Robert1823Together With a Reply to a Certain Writer Under the Signature of Benevolus, Winston, VT, 22 ppH.Hollis #BIY7546
UTSermon, Given on the Closing of the Sunday-school Room on Court St.Peabody, Andrew P.1857Prior to Its Removal to give Place to a New Chapel, on Sunday Evening, Feb. 15, 1857
UTService for the Consecration of Youth, AChristie, Francis A.1915Rites of confirmation for youth. 1915 cLibrary of Congress
UTSeven Great Teachers of the WorldJones, Jenkin LloydZoroaster, Moses, Confucius, Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, and Mohammed. Questions for study, extensive reference listBeacon Bulletin no. 8
UTShort Catechism With Proofs, A1781Designed for the Assistance of Such Persons as wish to Search the Scriptures for a Confident View of the Doctrine and Duties contained in them, with An Appendix concerning Baptism and Concluding Remark on the Lord's Supper.Catechism
UTShort History of Unitarianism Since ReformationMott, F.B.1892 1902Not sure of date: 1892-1902?Catechism
UTShort Sermons to ChildrenWooding, W.by three cousinsUnitarian SSS
Short StoriesBowie, W.C. (comp)13+ yearsSSAssc
Short StoriesBartram, Richard13+ years
UVShort Studies in the Larger FaithAdams, John Coleman1907An Adult catechism on Universalist theology using the format of a questions, a Bible quotation, an explanation, and several lines from a contemporary poem. Univ. Publ. House, 105 ppcatechism
UTSketch of Reformation, AFox, Thomas Bayley1836Biography presents the Reformation in Europe, England and Scotland.In criticizing the Rom Cath Church…points out that many priests were pious and sincere…the vast power of the Romish Church was owing to the ignorance of her subjects, and especially to their ignorance of the Holy Scripturescatechism
Stories for a Sunday AfternoonMiss Crompton
Stories for a Sunday AfternoonDawson, Mrs George
Stories form the Life of MosesBartram, Walter
UTStories from GenesisSunderland, Eliza R.1892The Little Unity seriesSSAssc
UTStories from the Book of GenesisBartram, WalterWestern Unitarian SSS
UTStories from the Book of GenesisMawer, WalterSSAssc
UTStories From the New TestamentFairfield, Oliver Jay190936 stories from the New Testament, focus on growth of children. Unitarian Sunday-School Society, Graded, 6-9 yrs.SSAssc
UTStories from the Old TestamentParker, Claire Hathaway (Mrs. Henry C.)190936 stories from the Old Testament, focus on the truths within the stories. Unitarian Sunday-School Society. GradedBeacon Series. Unitarian SSS
UTStories of Great LivesCooke, Frances E.Sketches of the lives of Zwingli, Milton, and BunyanBeacon Series. Unitarian SSS
UTStories of Great Livesby three cousinsSSAssc
UTStory of Bishop ColensoGannett, W.C.13+ years
UTStory of Bishop ColensoGregg, Florence13+ yearsSSAssc
UTStory of Dorothea Lynde Dix,TtheCooke, Francis1897London. 104 pp
UTStory of Dorothea Lynde Dix,TtheCarpenter, Joseph Estlin1894A Short Hand -book to the First Three Gospels. 4th ed., London. 189 pp.SSAsscHarvard
UTStory of Dr. Chaning, TheCooke, Francis1902Vol. I, 1898;Vol. II, 1899; Vol III,1900; Vol IV, 1901, 2nd ed. London. 103 ppSSAsscHarvard
UTStory of Dr. Channing, TheSwaine, Annean Example for GirlsSSAssc
UTStory of IsraelCooke, Francis19022nd ed. London. 103 ppSSAssc
UTStory of Israel and Great Thoughts of Isreal1892 1902Not sure of date: 1892-1902?SSAHarvard
UTStory of Jeremiah and His Times,TheJohnsin, HarrietUnitarian SSS
UTStory of Jeremiah and His Times,TheSmith, Vance, G.SSAssc
UTStory of JesusBuck, Florence1917 1932Story of Jesus from encounter with John the Baptist to Resurrection. Heart of the gospel is love, forgiveness, preparedness, service. To be used with The Gospel of Jesus by Clayton R. Bowen. Pupil's notebook. 13yrs.SSAssc
UTStory of John Greenleaf Whittier, TheCooke, Francis13 + yearsBeacon
UTStory of Religion in EnglandMartineau, C.A.Or Lessons from ScienceSSAssc
UTStory of Religion in England, TheHerford, Brooke1880A Book for Young Folk, Chicago: Jansen McClurg & Co.; London: Sunday School Association. 2nd editionSSAssc
UTStory of the English New Testament, TheGilman, N.P.The Little Unity seriesHarvard
UTStory of the New Testament, TheGoodspeed, Edgar J.1918ages 18+Western Unitarian SSS
UTStory of Theodore ParkerCooke, Frances E.Beacon Course, SSAssc
UTStory of Theophilus Lindsey and His FriendsBowie, W.C. (comp)13+ years
UTStory of Theophilus Lindsey and His FriendsCooke, Francis13+ yearsSSAssc
UTStudies in LongfellowGannett, Wm Channing1884Outlines for Schools, Conversation Classes, and Home Study
UVStudies in the Life and Teachings of JesusPullman, James Minton1894 1895For Sunday Schools. Lynn, MA.: Nichols Press, 156 pp
UTStudies of JesusMann, Newton M.1883Western USSS
UTStudies of Some of Longfellow's PoemsWalters, F.13+ years
UTStudies of Some of Longfellow's PoemsPike, Clement13+ years
UTStudies on Some of Brownings PoemsWalters, F.A Series of Essays. 13+ years
Successful LifeWicksteed, P.H.13+ years
Successful LifeDendy, John13+ years
Suggestive Lessons for the Study of the GospelsStanyon, W.
Suggestive Lessons for the Study of the GospelsMiss CromptonThis book was prepared many years ago, and is written from what would now be termed an 'orthodox' standpoint
UTSuggestive Readings for Use in the Sunday School and the HomeCooke, Francis13 + years
UTSuggestive Readings for Use in the Sunday School and the HomeBartram, Richard13+ years
UTSunday Helps for little PeopleDockham, Alice C. & Lucy F. Gerrish1894
UTSunday Lessons for Young Children1879By the complier of Hymns for Mothers and ChildrenUnitarian SSS
UTSunday School and the Home, The1917Suggestions for nurturing religion a home. Committee on Sunday School and the Home. c1917Unitarian SSS
UVSunday School CompanionBartholomew, John Glass1862Designed for Bible Classes, and the Older Pupils in the Sunday School. Boston:NE Universalist Publ. House. 130 ppNew Beacon
UTSunday School FinanceLawrence, William I.1910Ethics of Sunday School finance, sources and use of funds, involving children in raising and using money. c1910Periodical
UVSunday School Helper, TheRawlings, Julia (comp)Periodical
UVSunday School Helper, The1886 189510 annual volumesPeriodicalBeacon
UVSunday School Helper, The:Bowie, Copeland W.A Monthly Magazine for Teachers, Parents, and children
UVSunday School OfferingFletcher, L.J.1848Designed To Please and Instruct Children and Youth, and Especially Adapted to Sabbath School Exhibitions. Boston:James M. Usher. 98pp (also may have been written by Abel C. Thoams and listed under both Fletcher and Thomas at the Harvard Library system)SSAssc
Sunday School Service Book and HymnsSpaulding, H.G.
UTSunday School, TheJones, Jenkin Lloyd, ed1872Not sure of exact date: 1872?Unitarian SSS
UTSunday School, TheChanning, W.E.1837Sermon presented at Oct. meeting of Unitarian Sunday School SocietyUnitarian SSS
UTSunday Talks About SundayJones, Jenkin Lloyd1881The Little Unity series
UTSupplement to a Catalogue of Books for Sunday-School libraries1879Western Unitarian SSS
UTSympathy of Religions, TheDodson, Geroge R1919ages 18+Unitarian SSS
UTTales in Short WordsMiss CromptonBeacon Course
UVTalks about the BibleAdams, John Greenleaf1881To The Young Folks. Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 190 ppSSAssc
UTTalks About the Old TestamentMann, Newton M.1882The Little Unity series
UTTalks to Young People on EthicsWilson, Charles Hall1917 1924Essays on conscience, courage, decision making. Contains Questions, problems and suggestions for reading by Edwin Farley. 16yrs.Western Unitarian SSS
UUTeacher's Manual to Accompany the Illustrated Sunday-School PrimerColburn, Frances E.188820 lessons for children in the Primary Depart. 59 pp.Beacon Course
UVTeachings of Christ, TheSmith, S.R.1827Addressed to the Youth
UTTeachings of JesusHorton, Edward A.1892 1902Not sure of date: 1892-1902?
UTTemperance and PurityHerford, Brooke188?What Our Young People Can Do for Them. Probably written in England but an edition was published by the Unitarian Temperance Society of Boston. 15 ppUnitarian SSS
UTTen Pictures Illustrating God in Bible Stories as a Voice of ConscienceSpaulding, Rev Henry G.1901Harvard
UTTheodore Park and the Liberal Movement in AmericaGriffin, R.A.1888The Little Unity seriesUnitarian SSS
UTTherefore1900Small leaflet as a brief commentary on Our Faith, by Rev. F.B.Mott, material for memorizing each article of Our FaithWestern Unitarian SSS
UTThirty-Six Pictures Illustrating the Life of Jesus1900c. 1900. Boston. On cards 6x4 1/2 in envelopeUnitarian SSS
UTThirty-Six Pictures Ilustrating the Old Testament Narratives1900on cards in 6x4 1/2 in envelope. The above-mentioned pictures are the same as those advertised in the Primary Department. c1900Unitarian SSS
UTThree Stages of the BibleGannett, W.C.13+ years
UTTrue to Himself: The Life of SavonarolaCooke, Frances E.SSAssc
Twelve Sheet Lessons, w/ RollerGannett, W.CSSAssc
UTTwenry Lessons on the Statement Known as Our FaithHorton, Edward A.1901 1902Boston. For Junior or Intermediate Grades. This statement has been so widely accepted as to be an admirable basis for the proposed studiesWestern Unitarian SSS
UTTwo Discourses on Prayer, Particularly on Family WorshipPackard, Hezekiah1804Preached on Feb. 12, 1804, Wiscasset, ME. Printed by Babson and Rust of Wiscasset, 1804?, 28ppUnitarian SSS
UTTyndale's VowCooke, Frances E.The Story of a Great LifeH.Hollis # AVO770, Lamont Microfische W4532 no.6969. Microfische also at New Canaan, CT
UTTyndale's VowHawkes, HenryThe Story of a Great LifeSSAssc
UVUncle Timothy TaberArnold,Alexander Streeter1868or, The New Minister, A Story for the Old and Young. By A Sabbath-School Superintendent. Augusta, Me. Quinby, 228 ppSSAssc
UTUnitarian CatechismSavage, M.J.1890 1891use of anthropogy, evolution theory, Higher criticism in Biblical studies, world religions: Extensive reference list in back. Rev. 1891Catechism
UTUnitarian CatechismsClarke, James Freeman1821Worcester Catechism, Part 1 Elements of Religion; Part 2 Historical, Old Testament; Part 3 New Testament. For children and young persons. Published in The Unitarian Universalist Christian, Vol. 35, Nos 2-3, 1980CatechismUnitarian SSS
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